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Crazy Go Lucky is a clothing brand that utilizes designs of a colorful, bright, cute, nerdy, cartoonish, random, and sometimes bizarre art style. The phrase is meant to represent having a cheerfully unconcerned attitude in a somewhat bizarre or overly enthusiastic manner. Which is exactly how one would describe how I, Michael ("Crazy" Mike) De Jesus, run a company named after this exact phrase. Crazy Go Lucky is independently owned and run by me from Union City, CA, since 2006. Originally Crazy Go Lucky was created as sort of online portfolio of my work as a graphic designer. However by 2008, Crazy Go Lucky had developed it's own distinct style, ideas, and universe of characters that it became it's own "brand". Although despite being a company now and not a online portfolio, Crazy Go Lucky still does provide a means for me to further improve and level up my art and design skills. Since I just enjoy designing things and being creative, I feel that creating Crazy Go Lucky provides and fun and interesting venue for that.

So as a one man army, I turned Crazy Go Lucky from a online portfolio to a online store. This online store sells items that features this "cute" art style and ideas and also uses characters from the "Crazy Go Verse" as well. The art style used for Crazy Go Lucky is heavily inspired by my interests in cartoons/anime, comics, video games, music and general nerd/geek culture. My desire to be creative and represent my ideas and interests in a visual form is what supplies a lot of the ideas for Crazy Go Lucky. Crazy Go Lucky offers a range of products from things like T-shirts to stickers and buttons. You can find them here in this website or at the various events that I myself sell Crazy Go Lucky at. Crazy Go Lucky has been featured on various blogs and websites and continues to grow in terms of public awareness.

I truly am the only force behind Crazy Go Lucky and currently handles every aspect involved in running Crazy Go Lucky himself. Tasks such as designing products, shipping products out, and mainting all of Crazy Go Lucky's social networking are some of the many things I do for Crazy Go Lucky. So essentially as a customer, I am the only person you would be dealing with when it comes to Crazy Go Lucky. Although with that said, I also thankfully have friends and aquaintances to come to my aid when they are needed. So I truly extend my thanks and gratitude towards them.

Kudos to you for taking the time to read this little synopsis about Crazy Go Lucky. Is this it? Is this section over? Technically, yes. However the story of Crazy Go Lucky and I does not end here. Read Crazy Go Lucky's blog or follow Crazy Go Lucky on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with my continuing escapades.

Interesting Facts
Why The Name Crazy Go Lucky?

To be honest, I am bad with coming up with names. I thought up a lot of names but many were either taken or too weird. Also, I had already acquired the nickname "Crazy" Mike from college, and part of me wanted to implement some of that into the company name. So I just went and looked on google for name ideas and came upon "Crazy Go Nuts University" from the Internet cartoon Strong Bad. So I started thinking of names that were along those lines and then the term "happy go lucky" popped into my head and that's pretty much how the name came about. The name is pretty much "crazy" + "happy go lucky", which I think fits since that's the kinda attitude that fits where I want to go with this endeavor. Also for the hundredth time, the happy go lucky part was not inspired from Family Guy. Sure, I watch Family Guy but the word came into my head without the show's influence.

Why Is Your Mascot A Monkey?

I like bananas and thought the word monkey itself was funny. Also as the side note, one of the original names I was thinking of naming the company was "Monkey Kill Bear". Yeah, I'm awful at trying to think of names.

Why Is Your Logo A Spider With A Peace Sign?

I like Spider-Man and I do the peace sign/Asian pose a lot. It just pretty much worked out like that.

Who is "Crazy" Mike?

I am "Crazy" Mike. "Crazy" Mike was a nickname I had acquired in college because I was always hyperactive, jumping around, and random at PCN(Pilipino Cultural Night) class. So the guys there just started calling me "Crazy" Mike and the name just stuck ever since. While the nickname is still used, it has evolved into (in some cases) an exaggerated persona of myself. A persona where I have no inhibitions and allow myself to be more goofy, random, strange, inept, care free, and confused than I usually am.

Did You Go To College?

I went to CAL State Hayward (before the name was changed to East Bay). I majored in Art and had concentrations in digital graphics and multimedia. I also minored in Filipino and Filipino American Studies.

What's With You And Girl's With Glasses?

Cute girls in glasses are pretty much my kryptonite.

Are Your Glasses Real?

My glasses are actually clear sunglasses.

Why Do You Believe "Cute > Sexy"?

Because it is.

So What's This Straight Edge Thing I've Heard You Mention?

I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't do drugs. For the most part I don't care if you do any of these things, but I just never felt the need to do any of these things so please don't try to rag on me for it.

What's Your Favorite Video Game Series?

Street Fighter. People have previously thought it was either Final Fantasy or Gran Turismo, but it's actually Street Fighter.