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The Crazy Go Lucky Black Friday Sale 2014
Black Friday is this Friday and at Crazy Go Lucky you can get 20% off all t-shirts in the Online Store. The sale will take place from November 28 . . .

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Megane Kuma And Panda Buttons Now Available Online!
I finally got around to adding the new Megane Kuma Button and Megane Panda Button to the Crazy Go Lucky Online Store. I started selling them in person at . . .

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Kraken Con Fall 2014 Photos
Photos from Kraken Con Fall 2014 are now up on the Crazy Go Lucky Facebook Page. Check them out!

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Crazy Go Lucky is a clothing brand that utilizes designs of a colorful, bright, cute, nerdy, cartoonish, random, and sometimes bizarre art style.

Crazy Go Lucky \ˈkrā-zē-gō-ˈlə-kē\
Adjective - 1. cheerfully unconcerned in a bizarre, fantastic, or overly enthusiastic manner.